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  Absolutely brilliant! Very quick, and more than efficient. I got a full listing of all the tests that were run and implications. Would highly recommend.
                                                                                               Robyn Johnstone

 UK, Jan, 2024


  BRILLANT SERVICE VERY FAST REPAIR and great price very reasonable
                                                                                                      Heather Stone

 UK, Dec, 2023


  Timely resolution of my laptop issue, the owner is kind and knowledgeable.I recommend Nemo laptops if you want to feel listened to, thank you for your help Nemo Laptops.

 UK, Nov, 2023


  This store is where I just bought my HP Pavillion. They packed my item religiously so it wouldn't get broken during shipping. The laptop I got was just as good as it said it was. If you want laptops, I suggest you go to this store instead.                                                                                                                                                                 Kate Holden


UK, Oct, 2023


  Absolutely fantastic place with great customer service that was extremely helpful and sorted my issue quickly. Would highly recommend to anyone.                                                                       Nico Marchini


UK, Jun, 2022

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