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What is the difference between Intel® Core™ Processors?

A processor is like a computer’s brain - and Intel® Core™ processors are the most powerful. They have multiple cores for more power and smoother multi-tasking. There are 4 main categories: i3, i5, i7 and i9. Each has numerous spec options, but strictly speaking i5 is superior to i3 and so on...

8th Generation Intel® Core™ processors ;

Intel®’s 8th Generation of processors has moved with the times and delivered some exciting new features. Including: Incredible VR experiences High-quality 4K UHD content Two more cores – up to 6 instead of the original 4 Introduction of the super powered Intel Core i9 and X-series.

Intel Core™ i3: Everyday users – web browsing, Word and media streaming

If you’re after a laptop for everyday computing tasks like web browsing, video streaming and office-type work, the i3 is great.The latest 8th Gen has up to 4 cores – twice as many as the 7th Gen – making day-to-day use a lot slicker. It even lets you watch content in immersive 4K and 360° viewing.

With a Core™ i3 you can:

  • Browse multiple webpages smoothly

  • Work in Word or Excel

  • Stream movies and TV shows from Netflix in HD

  • Listen to music on Spotify

  • Multi-task efficiently with Intel® Hyper-Threading technology

Intel® Core™ i5: Home and business use - busy multitaskers and Adobe-using creatives

Thanks to the 8th Gen update many i5 processors now feature 6 cores of processing power. This means they can handle more jobs at the same time – great for busy multitaskers. Designers and photographers are well catered for too, as are budding PC Gamers.

With a Core™ i5 you can:

  • Smoothly multitask - work on spreadsheets, stream music and browse the web

  • Work on complicated tasks – like rendering big Excel files

  • Edit in Photoshop and sketch in Illustrator

  • Create, share and watch 4K content

  • Play intensive PC games – see more Intel®'s gaming processors

  • Benefit from faster repeated tasks thanks to the large cache size

  • Stream from multiple sites

  • Get a temporary boost when using demanding programs with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0

Intel Core™ i7 - Video editors, designers and gamers who crave power

If you are advanced video editing or 3D modelling you’ll need a very fast processor and good graphics – so look at an i7. It’s perfect for the demands of gaming fans too. With 6 original cores and the technology to create another 6 virtual cores, it has enough power for the most demanding tasks.

With a Core™ i7 you can:

  • Encode video more efficiently

  • Work smoothly in 3D modelling programs

  • Smoothly edit in Photoshop and sketch in Illustrator

  • Watch and edit 4K UHD content and 360° videos

  • Work productively with demanding creative programs – each core uses 2 ‘threads’ rather than 1 with Intel®'s Hyper-Threading technology

  • Benefit from faster repeated tasks thanks to the large cache size

Intel Core™ i9 – Extreme gaming, mega-tasking and high-end content creation

The newest addition to the Intel family, the Core™ i9 X-Series, is Intel’s most powerful processor with 18 cores and 36 threads. And with updated Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, it elevates everything you do to new heights. i9 turns your PC into a studio, producing breathtaking 4K or 360° videos, stunning photos, or high-quality music. Gamers won’t be disappointed either – this is the ultimate tool for virtual reality gaming.

With a Core™ i9 you can:

  • Produce, edit and share 4K UHD content and 360° videos

  • Work smoothly in 3D modelling programs

  • Produce and edit high-quality music

  • Smoothly edit in Photoshop and sketch out in Illustrator

  • Enjoy the ultimate gaming and VR experience

  • Work more productively when using demanding creative programs

  • Benefit from faster repeated tasks thanks to the large cache size

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