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How to use the Dell Universal Pairing

With Dell Universal Pairing you can connect up to six compatible devices to one USB receiver. The easiest way to check compatibility is to look at the logo on the USB receiver and compare that to the logo on the bottom of the keyboard or mouse. Dell Universal Pairing devices are not compatible with the Logitech Unifying Technology devices.

Products use the Dell Universal Hardware and Software

Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – KM714

Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – KM636

Dell Wireless Laser Mouse – WM514

Dell Wireless Mouse – WM326

Dell Wireless Mouse – WM126

Dell Premier Wireless Keyboard and Mouse – KM717

Dell Premier Wireless Mouse – WM527

Dell Premier Wireless Keyboard – WK717

Download and Installing the Dell Universal Pairing Software

  1. On Browse to the Mice, Keyboards & Wireless Touchpads selector page. Select the model of keyboard or mouse you have. Note: To find the model of your keyboard or mouse, either, look on the bottom of the keyboard or mouse, look for the model on the packaging, or refer to the documentation that came with your keyboard or mouse.

  2. Touch or click the Driver & downloads tab.

  3. Touch or click Show All. Look for Dell Universal Receiver Control Panel.

  4. Touch or click download within the Dell Universal Receiver Control Panel section.

  5. Touch or click Save or Save File, when asked. Note: The file should be downloaded to the default folder for downloads, which is probably the Downloads folder.

  6. Browse to where the file was downloaded and double tap or double-click on the file. (The User Account Control window may appear, if so, click Yes).

  7. Touch or click Continue. Touch or click Ok.

  8. Touch or click Yes and follow the prompts to install the application.

How to Pair the Dell Universal Keyboard and Mouse

  1. Start the Dell Universal Receiver Control Panel and plug in the Dell Universal USB receiver.

  1. Touch or click Add New Device.

  2. Follow the instructions.

  3. Pairing is completed.

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