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Set up Jaybird x4 Earbuds with Your Bluetooth Devices

Learn how to set up your Jaybird x4 earphones with your phone or another Bluetooth devices to listen to music.

How do pair X4 buds to my phone or music device? Right out of the box, your X4 buds come ready to pair. Here’s how:

  1. Turn your X4 earbuds on by holding the Middle Button until the LED blinks red/green and you hear the “Ready to pair.

  2. Download the Jaybird App for an assisted setup” voice prompt.

  3. On your Bluetooth phone/music device go to the Bluetooth setup menu and find ‘Jaybird X4’ on the available devices list. On some devices, you may have to scan for available Bluetooth devices.

  4. Select ‘Jaybird X4’ on the list to connect. Once connected, the red/green LED will turn off and you will hear the “Connected” voice prompt.

  5. If you’re pairing your X4 earbuds to another Bluetooth device, you’ll have to initiate pairing mode, as follows: Turn your X4 earbuds off by holding the Middle Button until the LED illuminates red and you hear a descending “Power off” tone. Follow the instructions “HOW DO I PAIR MY X4 EARBUDS TO MY PHONE OR MUSIC DEVICE?” to complete pairing your new device.

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